Website Maintenance Services

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Why do you need to maintain your website?

Hosting maintenance

  • Consistency – your website is your 24/7/365 salesperson, it must be on all the time
  • Communication – as your business grows, you need more company emails, newsletter setup and other integrations
  • Security – website software needs to be updated regularly to ward off hackers
  • Backup – if there is a major problem, a backup will resolve it

Content marketing

  • Attraction – when content on websites changes often, it entices people to return 
  • SEO – continual optimization of website structure and accessibility
  • Keywords – visitors come to the site when it has content that answers their questions
  • Value – when you keep providing value to your visitors, you build loyalty

If you build it,

they will come.

From the movie Field of Dreams

This is NOT true for websites.

After your website is built and you announce it to your clients and on social media, visitors won´t just show up.

You need content marketing and good SEO to draw them in.

Does your website need maintenance?