Whether the business was yours or your boss´s, the year 2020 was definitely a challenge for all companies. Some had to pivot, some completely shut down, and others actually flourished because they were already working the ecommerce gig.

As always, we like to look at statistics to really understand what was going on. Printful, our favorite Print-on-demand supplier, published this great report on a survey they sent to their customers.

If you were trying to build an online business in 2020, or had done so earlier, you probably agree with most of these statistics:

  • 60% ran a business as a part-time side hustle
  • 68% want that side hustle to become a full-time gig
  • You thought of, or actually followed through on, making customized masks to meet demands
  • 67% of online store owners look at what is trending and create products based on what is going on in the market.


Ecommerce statistics2020'

Source: Printful

Environment and sustainability for ecommercein 2020

Source: Printful

It is still a great time to start or keep working that online business. Many people all over the world have learned how easy and safe it is to buy online…and in most cases, very convenient.

Also, consumer trends have shown a preference for buying local: people want to support local artisans and small business owners. We truly became a world community unified by a terrible crisis, and so we have grown more empathetic with each other. When local businesses help each other, that community grows stronger, and they all thrive.

Business owners are also growing their sustainability muscle, and want to help the environment. This consciousness extends to the packaging used for their products and promotion of recycling.

67% of respondents think that it is important their products be eco-friendly

59% think they should address sustainability in their marketing materials and website.


 Whatever your motive or situation, you are not alone in building a business. Just like there are others like you, there are even more and more clients willing to buy online – they are looking for what you have to offer. Help them find you by creating new products, having a good ecommerce website, and of course, consistent & creative social media posts.