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Next steps

What you can expect

Step 01 - Book a consultation

Lets get to know each other. It is important for me to understand what your company does and what your digital marketing goals are.

Step 02 - Site Audit and Questionnaire

During the next week, I analyze any websites, social media profiles and digital marketing assets your company already has.

You will also receive a questionnaire that helps me understand more about your company, products/services and market environment.

Step 03 - Proposal and Approval

Soon after sending your questionnaire answers, you will receive a complete proposal for your new business website and digital marketing presence.

Once approved, I will send you a list of assets we will need (eg. logo, high-quality graphics, etc), as well as our service contract. When your first payment is received, I will proceed.

Step 04 - Design and Implementation

Behind the scenes, I will start working on the final website design and approved social media profile changes. We will communicate during this time, clarifying product and service descriptions and design ideas.

I will need to receive the full list of assets to complete the design.

Step 05 - Completion and Next steps

Once design is completed, I will send over the completed design of your website for final approval. 

Once approved and final payment is received, your website will be ready to receive visitors (and thousands of potential clients!). 

We will then review what your website will need going forward, and discuss maintenance and training.



This plan includes elements needed to have a small business website that is ready to be found and provides information on your products and services.


  • Responsive for mobile
  • Branding across all company profiles
  • Graphic design
  • Basic SEO setup
  • Social Media integration
  • Optimization of social media profiles
  • Up to 10 emails
  • Newsletter integration
  • Google Analytics setup
  • Hosting with basic security and updates for one year


This plan sets up all your digital marketing channels for maximum success! It includes a Brand Style Guide, SEO optimization, E-commerce store and various extras.


  • Website design and publishing or E-commerce store setup
  • Responsive for mobile
  • Branding across all digital profiles & Brand Style Guide
  • Graphic design
  • Advanced SEO setup including industry & competitor keyword research
  • Optimization of social media profiles
  • Unlimited emails
  • Newsletter integration
  • Google Analytics setup
  • Google My Business setup
  • Social Media integration
  • Recipe database, if needed
  • Basic hosting with security maintenance for one year.
  • Company pages in Spanish, if needed (translation included)

Extra Module – $500

  • Recipe database or Ecommerce integration
  • Company pages in Spanish (translation included)

Lo Máximo – $500

  • Company pages in Spanish (translation included)
  • Recipe database
  • or Product descriptions on Shopify (bilingual, if needed)

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